Tahoe Baby Bump


Steve Michelson(non-registered)
Looking very good! In the homestretch now.

Richard Heifetz(non-registered)
I kept scrolling down hoping to see some cheesy photographs! I never found them! Absolutely stunning photos of the two ,plus one to be ,of you. Each photo projected a sense of serenity and love that has grown within you as your child has grown in Megan's body. The two of you exude health. Thank you so much for sharing these photos with CIa and myself. You are a great gift in my life.
Thank you for sharing the love. Thanks to your photographer too, these are really beautiful photos.
Carol Jessen(non-registered)
I have never seen such a well loved bump. A happy child is about to come into this world. Congratulations, Meghan and Dan. The pictures are awesome. Love, carol
Beautiful....My eyes filled with happy tears!
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